Dr. Bee & Colleagues Awarded a US $1.5 Million Wellcome Trust Grant

Dr. Bee and colleagues have received a $1.5 million Welcome Trust Grant to conduct research on how a heat-health action plan can help to manage the effects of heat in rural Mexico. Rural communities in low- and middle-income countries are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illnesses. Heat action plans that aide the public in understanding and evaluating their own risks and take the appropriate steps for prevention and preparedness have shown consistently positive results. The project is being led by Dr. Horacio Riojas Rodríguez and others at the Instituto Nacional de SaludPública (National Institute for Public Health) in Tapachula, Mexico, along with researchers from ECU (Dr. Bee), Florida State, and Ohio State Universities. Working in six rural communities in southern Mexico, Dr. Riojas, Dr. Bee, and the research team will co-develop, test, and evaluate a user-driven heat-health action plan, including an early warning and surveillance system, capacity building, prevention education and communication tools.