Undergraduate Programs Overview

The Department of Geography, Planning and Environment offers a variety of undergraduate degrees that give students an opportunity to learn cutting-edge topics that foster intellectual growth and produce informed, active citizens. We offer a broad range of courses for students to satisfy the requirements of any of our five degrees. These offerings prepare students for careers that find solutions for environmental and cultural problems including coastal and river processes, water quality and land use, sustainability and community development, environmental hazards, and social justice issues related to place, gender, and resources.

Undergraduate Degrees

Double Major

Students who double major often broaden their appeal in the job marketplace and to complement their primary major. You’ll receive one diploma with both your primary major and your secondary major listed. The BS in Geography is the most flexible degree within the department and makes a great second major to any of the degrees within the department or the college:

General Education Requirements: 40 s.h. (Gen ed courses may be used to satisfy the gen ed requirements for both majors!)

Does not requires 12 s.h. of a foreign language through level 1004, unless the primary major is a BA degree.

Does not require additional Writing Intensive (WI) courses.

Example double major 4-year plans:

Minors and Certificates

Plan a Visit!

Are you interested in visiting our department to learn more about our programs and research? Please fill out the Contact Form or call us at 252-328-6230. If you have a specific research interests, please let us know and we can help in planning your visit schedule. The earlier you schedule your visit the more rewarding it will be! Be sure to visit ECU and our department during the spring ECU Pirates Aboard and fall ECU Open House events, or take a campus tour at any time.

Cost of Study

ECU offers exceptional value for our undergraduate degree programs. Click the link for current information on cost of attendance, including tuition, fees, and room and board.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

There are many merit and financial based scholarships available to our undergraduate students in our department as well as across ECU and beyond. Follow this link for information about financial aid at ECU.