Neda Safari

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Petersen-Perlman

Research project/area

My interests are mainly focused on policy making, water resources management and environmental protection. I am going to work on a project on developing an ecological flow guidance and analyzing flood hazards and preparation policies. The overall goal of the project is to design and implement a study on a coastal watershed that can provide a scientific basis for guidance to recommend procedures and conditions for ecological flows in coastal plain watersheds within the Albemarle-Pamlico basin areas.

Why did you decide to join the graduate program in this department?

There were so many factors that encouraged me to join the Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning at ECU! The location is ideal for my research regarding water resource management, the professors at ECU are incredibly helpful and kind, and the opportunities provided to me were just impossible to pass up!

A fun fact about yourself OR your hobbies.

“I am very passionate when it comes to making an impact in our fight against climate change. It is not only my key hobby, but the odyssey of my life. I am always seeking out ways to be more ecologically minded in my life, and to be a positive influence in this world. When I’m just trying to relax, I’m often designing and creating my own eco-friendly clothing, or trying to gain and spread some information in this regard.”