Beth Bee

Associate Professor
Geography, Planning and Environment

Environmental Studies

Brewster A-205


PhD & MS, Geography & Women’s Studies, Penn State University
BA, Sociology, George Mason University


Areas of Interest: Feminist Geography, Political Ecology, International Development, towel Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, Rural Livelihoods, Agrarian Change, Food Security, Latin America

Dr. Bee’s work integrates feminist theories of knowledge and power with political ecology frameworks to enrich our understanding of the multi-scalar social processes that shape environmental and climatic change, social equity, and rural livelihoods in Mexico and Latin America. More specifically, I utilize qualitative, de-colonial, and participatory methods to understand how gender and its intersecting power relations shape the production and exchange of knowledge, subjectivity, and access to environmental, economic, and political resources that directly affect the livelihoods of rural Latin Americans. Such questions are especially crucial as climate change and associated policies raise new challenges in these communities that are dependent upon agricultural and environmental rhythms for their wellbeing. To address these issues, her research has included collaborations with scholars from the US, Mexico, and around the world. This has in turn, culminated to an array of outputs intended for both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences in the form of peer-reviewed scholarly publications, policy and research briefs, and presentations.

Dr. Bee`s work has been cited in the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and appears in various peer-reviewed journals such as Geoforum, Third World Quarterly, Conservation & Society, and Agriculture and Human Values.


Courses Taught

  • GEOG 1000: Introduction to Geography
  • GEOG 2300: Environment and Society
  • GEOG 3010: Social Justice and Sustainability
  • GEOG 4/6320: Gender, Environment, and Development
  • GEOG 4/6360: Geographies of Global Climate and Environmental Change
  • INTL 4500: Seminar in International Studies
  • INTL 6000: Global Issues