Denise Chavez

Advisor: Dr. Yoo Min Park

Research project/area

“I am currently working on characterizing the spatial distribution of air quality in the area. I would say that my area of interest is GeoHealth. This comes from my passion in Public Health and aiming to showcase its’ spatial-temporal distribution.”

Why did you decide to join the graduate program in this department?

“I joined the graduate program because of the diversity in the faculty. This diversity is not only cultural, but also on their research topics.”

A fun fact about yourself OR your hobbies.

“To keep me sane, I have several hobbies that promote work-life balance. I love to read, my last read was ‘In the dark, dark woods’ by Ruth Ware. My other hobby is weight lifting… there is something about destressing with weights. If I am not in the office, not reading, and not lifting, I am somewhere in nature.”