Katie Christoff

Advisor: Dr. Thad Wasklewicz & Dr. Scott Lecce

Research project/area

“Is the whole story of coastal change being told by 2D shoreline erosion rates?”

Why did you decide to join the graduate program in this department?

“I had originally planned to take only one year off between undergraduate and graduate but was struggling to find a program that I wanted to be in. I found Thad from a job posting on the GSA Job Board. After a Facetime with him around the department (because it was March of 2020 and covid wouldn’t allow us to visit in person),  I knew that our research goals and personality would work well together, and I was excited to join the ECU family.”

A fun fact about yourself OR your hobbies.

“I was blessed to travel to New Zealand with my undergraduate program and explore the north and south island. I also coach all-star cheerleading in my free time.”