Amanda Riggs

Advisor: Dr. Beth Bee

Research project/area

“My interest area is Environmental GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Applications. I want to use technical skills to produce and analyze environmental information for planning and reporting. GIS allows for better viewing and understanding of physical features and the relationships that influence ecological conditions.”

Why did you decide to join the graduate program in this department?

“After consideration of other disciplines, I decided to join the Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment (DGPE) because I want to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Geographic Information System (GIS) is an excellent way to help address environmental concerns that are affecting our changing planet. GIS can aid in ensuring sustainability, addressing climate change impacts, land use and urban planning, and many other critical environmental issues.

I also decided to join the Geography and Planning department because of the atmosphere and faculty. I enjoy spending time in the DGPE, meeting others with similar interests, and the excellent professors who enjoy teaching, which shows in the classroom. All the DGPE faculty members are helpful and kind, which creates a comfortable environment while pursuing a graduate degree.”

A fun fact about yourself OR your hobbies.

“One of my hobbies is gardening. I mostly grow vegetables and herbs for canning and dehydrating. I like experimenting with different companion plants, soils, and homemade fertilizers to get the most out of my small garden. Another hobby I enjoy is spending time on the coast fishing for speckled trout. I also like to travel around North Carolina, exploring all the state’s attractions on short two-day vacations. My next journey will be to Transylvania County, NC (North Carolina) mountains, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, home to 250 waterfalls in one county!”