Geographic Information Science and Technology Certificate 

Graduate GIS Certificate Coordinator: Dr. Hannah Sirianni (

The Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) Certificate provides students with opportunities to develop analytical, theoretical, and practical skills for both public and private sector careers. The certificate is open to students enrolled in graduate degree or certificate programs. Students with limited undergraduate training in GIST are encouraged to consult with the certificate coordinator before enrollment.

Graduate Catalog

Certificate Course Requirements

The certificate requires completion of 12 s.h. as follows:

  1. Required – 6 s.h.
    • GEOG 6401 – Geographic Information Systems
    • GEOG 6430 – Advanced Geographic Information Systems
  2. Electives – 6 s.h.
    Choose two of the following courses:

    • GEOG 6150 – Quantitative Methods in Geography
    • GEOG 6340 – GIS for Public Health Research
    • GEOG 6400 – Seminar in Geographic Information and Analysis
    • GEOG 6410 – Advanced Cartography
    • GEOG 6420 – Advanced Remote Sensing
    • GEOG 6440 – Spatial Analysis of Coastal Environments
    • GEOG 6460 – Advanced Digital Terrain Analysis

Contact the Graduate GIS Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Hannah Sirianni, for more information at