Completed Theses & Internship Reports


Ihuka, Victor, Thesis, (Advisor: Beth Bee); Mining for Cryptocurrencies, Extracting from Communities? A Case. Study of Belvoir, NC. (2024).

Opejin, Abdulahi, Thesis, (Advisor: Yoo Min Park & Misun Hur); Assessing Bias in Personal Exposure Estimates when Indoor Air. Quality Is Ignored in Exposure Assessment: A Comparison Between GPS Enabled Mobile Air Sensor Data and Stationary Outdoor Sensor Data. (2024).

Safari, Neda, Thesis, (Advisor: Jacob Petersen-Perlman & Scott Lecce); Rewilding the River: Assessing the Environmental Effects and Regulatory Influences of the Condit Dam Removal Process. (2024).


Adeniji, Kayode Nelson, Thesis, (Advisor: Anuradha Mukherji); Impact of Buyout Programs on Land Use Patterns in Pitt County, North Carolina. (2023).

James, Russell Je’juan, Thesis, (Advisor: Rosana Ferreira); Sinuosity of Tropical Cyclone Tracks in the North Atlantic Basin. (2023).

Kriminger, Tyler R., Internship Report, (Advisor: Jacob Petersen-Perlman); Developing Best Management Practices for Water Utility Mobile Field Operations (2023).

Teboul, Jonathan, Thesis, (Advisor: Scott Lecce); Influence of Channel Bend Curvature on Debris-Flow-Driven Avulsion on Alluvial Fans, Explored Through Discrete Simulations. (2023).

Van Wagoner, Philip Paul, Internship Report, (Advisor: Jacob Petersen-Perlman); Cataloguing Dry Detention Basins Using GIS and Remote Sensing in Greenville, North Carolina. (2023).


Knowles, RyannThesis, (Advisor: Hannah Sirianni); Quantifying Nearshore Bathymetric Change Using an Unoccupied Surface Vehicle Equipped with RTK-GNSS and Echosounder: A Case Study in the Neuse River Estuary, NC. (2022).

Lee, MirandaThesis, (Advisor: Beth Bee); Exploring Digital Sense of Community Among Plus-Sized Solo Women Travelers: A Content Analysis of @Curvy. (2022).

Little, Matthew, Thesis, (Advisor: Rosana Ferreira); WRF Simulations of the 2009 Southeastern United States Convective Season Onset in Current and Future Climate Scenarios. (2022).

Richter, Jessica, Thesis, (Advisor: Hannah Sirianni); Shoreline Mapping Using Object-Based Ensemble Analysis, Aerial Photography, and LiDAR in the Neuse River Estuary, NC. (2022).

Wrenn, BrandonInternship Report, (Advisor: Anuradha Mukherji); Environmental Impacts of the US 90 / UPRR Grade Separation Bridge Project in Dayton, Texas. (2022).


Heffentrager, Madison, Thesis, (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz); Analysis of Overwash Sediment Transport in an Experimental Laboratory Setting: Channel Dimension Influence on Washover Deposits. (2021).

Jarrett, Chris, Thesis, (Advisor: Tom Rickenbach);Springtime Onset of Isolated Convection in the Central and Eastern United States. (2021).

Ladnier, KatherineInternship Report, (Advisor: Beth Bee); Affordable Housing in McDowell County. (2021).

LeCompte,Karley, Thesis, (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz); Washover Fan Evolution, Assateague Island National Seashore, MD (2012-2019). (2021).

Samby, Rachel, Thesis, (Advisor: Hannah Cooper); Vegetation change analysis from 2010-2018 using aerial photography and RTK-GNSS to assist Lake Mattamuskeet Restoration Efforts in North Carolina, USA. (2021).

Twarog, Jacob, Thesis, (Advisor: Beth Bee); Micro Tabulation Block Resolution: Investigating Accuracy in Micro-Area Census Tabulation Blocks. (2021).



Jiang,Zizhan, Thesis, (Advisor: Burrell Montz); National Weather Service Hydrology Products: Influencing Factors of People’s Effective Use and Optimization Suggestions. (2020).


Chipiwalt,Kara, Thesis, (Advisor: Beth Bee); Emotional Evidence of Change: Highlanders Experiences with Glacial Retreat in Peru. (2019).

Johnson, Malcolm, Thesis , (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz); Eastcare Spatial Analysis of Air Medical Response During Hurricane Matthew in Eastern North Carolina. (2019).

Schlup, Michelle, Thesis, (Advisor: Hannah Cooper); Object-based machine learning correction of LiDAR using RTK-GNSS to model the potential effects of sea-level rise in Swanquarter National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina. (2019).

Washington,Tyquin, Thesis, (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz); Characterizing the geographic variability and socioeconomic factors of opioid mortality in North Carolina, 2014-2016. (2019).


Connolly, Samantha, Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Future Flood Risk Perceptions Following Hurricane Matthew: A Study of Eastern North Carolinians. (2018).

Dickerson, Zachary, Thesis (Advisor: Misun Hur ); A Solar Farm in My Backyard? Resident Perspectives of Utility-Scale Solar In Eastern North Carolina. (2018).

Kresz, Camille, Thesis (Advisor: Beth Bee ); Emotions, Subjectivity, and the Environment: A Study of Environmental Involvement in a Campus Community. (2018).

McSherry, Logan M., Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Outer Banks Tourists’ Preferences, Sensitivities, and Environmental Perceptions: A Case Study of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. (2018).

Vogel, Thomas J., Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Prisons and Pollutant Plumes: A Spatial Analysis of LULU Coexistence. (2018).

Wells, Hannah, Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Rickenbach ); Dynamic and Thermodynamic Mechanisms for the Onset of the Southeastern United States Convective Season. (2018).


Adams, Kailey, Thesis (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz ); Autogenic controls on debris-flow fans with limited accommodation space : laboratory experiments informed by a field example. (2017).

Jones, Sarah, Thesis (Advisor: Paul Gares ); Longshore spatial and temporal variabilities in Cape Cod National Seashore. (2017).

Letzring, Michael James, Thesis (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz ); Mapping historic Alaska glaciers using declassified spy satellite imagery and computer vision based photogrammetry. (2017).

Phan, Minh Duc, Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Weather on the go : an assessment of smartphone mobile weather applications use among college students. (2017).

Russell, Jonathan, Internship Report (Advisor: Mulatu Wubneh ); Wastewater Treatment Facility and Options for Increasing Capacity in City of Elm, North Carolina. (2017).

Thompson, Marla, Thesis (Advisor: Misun Hur ); The hostess city of the South : destination image and risk perception in Savannah, Georgia. (2017).

Williams, Shadane, Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Risk perception and the role of experience : case studies of Annotto Bay and Port Maria in Jamaica. (2017).


Kirk, Donnie, Thesis (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz ); Analysis of sediment erosion and deposition across high marsh and tide channel sites in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. (2016).

Luchetti, Nicholas Thomas, Thesis (Advisor: Rosana Nieto-Ferreira ); Climate change and the sea breeze in the North Carolina coast. (2016).

Nissenbaum, Mark, Thesis (Advisor: Rosana Nieto-Ferreira ); Climate change effects on precipitation organization : a summertime case study in the southeast United States. (2016).

Roberts, NolaInternship Report, (Advisor: Mulatu Wubneh); Bypasses, Planning, and Economic Development: A Case Study of Havelock (2016).

Van Horn, Jessy, Thesis (Advisor: Scott Lecce ); Lateral stream migration rates in the Blue River watershed, Wisconsin. (2016).


Catania, Jaclyn A., Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Analysis of infrastructure damage after superstorm Sandy : a case study of Long Beach, NY. (2015).

Gregg, Kelsey Lauren, Thesis (Advisor: Traci Birch ); Multi-criteria analysis of offshore wind energy site suitability in North Carolina. (2015).

Harmin, Calvin, Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Allen ); Flood vulnerability of hog farms in eastern North Carolina : an inconvenient poop. (2015).

Heath, Jamie L., Thesis (Advisor: Traci Birch ); Local implementation of The State Wildlife Action Plan in coastal North Carolina. (2015).

Moulton, Alex, Thesis (Advisor: E. Jeffrey Popke ); Greenhouse governmentality : discourses of rural development and the negotiation of farmer subjectivity in Jamaica. (2015).


Armstrong, Dicky Leroy, Jr., Thesis (Advisor: Scott Curtis ); Influence of climatic oscillations on Indian Ocean tropical cyclone energy. (2014).

Lawson, Christopher, Internship Report (Advisor: Jennifer Brewer ); Town-Gown Relations in Downtown Revitalization: Small City, Rural Region. (2014).

Lussenden, Holly Beth, Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Geographic differences in emergency management decision-making : a case study of severe weather in the Midwest. (2014).

Oyer, Zachary, Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Allen ); Water infrastructure vulnerability to coastal flood hazards : a space-place analysis of Manteo, New Bern, and Plymouth, North Carolina. (2014).

Reavis, Kathryn Jeanette, Thesis (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz ); Assessment of debris-flow hazards, North Mountain, Phoenix, AZ. (2014).

Roḿan Rivera, Mayra A., Thesis (Advisor: Paul Gares ); Spatial and temporal evaluation of dune, beach and nearshore bar interactions : Cape Cod, MA. (2014).

VanderJeugdt, Brian, Thesis (Advisor: Jerry Weitz ); Transportation aspects of smart growth in the Research Triangle Region (NC) : current conditions and future prospects. (2014).

Wickham, Elliot Donoghue, Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Urban water availability and potential future stressors : a case study of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. (2014).

Zarzar, Christopher M., Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Rickenbach ); A precipitation organization climatology for North Carolina : development and GIS-based analysis. (2014).


Blair, Heather, Thesis (Advisor: E. Jeffrey Popke and Scott Curtis ); North Carolina winegrowers’ perceptions of climate change impacts. (2013).

Carey, Matthew, Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Allen ); Modeling site suitability of living shorelines in the Albemarle-Pamlico estuarine system. (2013).

Caspersen, Janna Ruth, Thesis (Advisor: Tracy Van Holt ); Measuring geospatially explicit perceptions of Sudanese ethnic group locations : a comparison of subject-matter-experts and online data / by Janna Ruth Caspersen. (2013).

Clayton, Brian T., Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Crawford ); Applying GIS to locate the USS Louisiana : a study of the Fort Fisher Civil War battlefield. (2013).

Hall, Linwood Earl, Jr., Thesis (Advisor: Rosana Nieto-Ferreira ); A climatology of the structure, frequency, and propagation of midlatitude cyclones that affect North Carolina. (2013).

Kennedy, Richard A., Thesis (Advisor: Derek H. Alderman. ); Automobility, hospitality, African American tourism, and mapping Victor H. Green’s Negro motorist green book. (2013).

Pace, William, Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Perceptions of hurricane risk among North Carolina’s coastal residents : a case study of Hurricane Irene. (2013).

Smith, Alexander B., Thesis (Advisor: Paul Gares ); Geomorphology of dune blowouts, Cape Cod National Seashore, MA. (2013).


Bryan, Hilda Linda NoΦel, Thesis (Advisor: Holly Hapke ); Sweetpotatoes in a globalizing world : the effects of globalization on North Carolina’s sweetpotato industry. (2012).

Gore, Brent R., Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Allen ); Modeling wetland response to future sea-level rise in the Pamlico and Croatan Sounds, North Carolina. (2012).

Mulder, Kelsey Jill, Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Predicting responses to flash flooding : a case study of Boulder, Colorado. (2012).

Scheinert, Cal R., Thesis (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz ); Debris flow fan evolution, Chalk Creek Natural Debris Flow Laboratory, Colorado. (2012).


Carmichael, Bryce, Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Crawford ); A validation assessment of the hazards of place model of vulnerability for northeastern North Carolina. (2011).

Curran, Richard W., Thesis (Advisor: Yong Wang ); The utility of Digital Globe’s WorldView-2 satellite data in mapping seagrass in North Carolina estuaries. (2011).

Griffin, Michael T., Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Assessing future water resources : the influence of climate change, population growth and land use change in the lower Cape Fear basin, North Carolina. (2011).

Hueber, Allison M., Thesis (Advisor: Derek Alderman ); Analyzing resident place satisfaction in a tourist destination through auto-photography : the case of Southern Shores, North Carolina. (2011).

Jessop, Sarah J., Thesis (Advisor: Scott Curtis ); Mid-summer dry spell and agriculture in Jamaica : implications for farming practices, techniques and culture. (2011).

Monitz, Gary I., Thesis (Advisor: Burrell Montz ); Using vulnerability and planning data to measure resilience in coastal North Carolina. (2011).

Wester, Thad, Thesis (Advisor: Thad Wasklewicz ); Functional and structural sediment connectivity within a recently burned basin. (2011).

Edwards, James, Thesis (Advisor: Daniel Marcucci ); Prioritization of Carolina bays as mitigation projects from a herpetofaunal perspective. (2011).

Gedminas, Laurynas, Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Allen and Thomas Crawford ); Evaluating hurricane advisories using eye-tracking and biometric data. (2011).


Barnhill, Richard, Thesis (Advisor: Thomas Rickenbach ); Regional variation of convective structure at monsoon onset across South America inferred from TRMM observations. (2010).

Briggs, Justin M., Thesis (Advisor: Ron Mitchelson ); Locational aspects of adaptive reuse : the case of North Carolina’s textile mills. (2010).

Cleckner, Haley L., Thesis (Advisor: Tom Allen ); Spatial modeling of the risk of mosquito-borne disease transmission, Chesapeake, Virginia. (2010).

Deck, Benjamine Clark, Thesis (Advisor: E. Jeffrey Popke ); Incorporation and silence : a comparative study of the reception of Latino immigrants in two southeast U.S. cities. (2010).

Harrison, Conor., Thesis (Advisor: E. Popke ); Because you got to have heat’ : energy poverty and weatherization in eastern North Carolina. (2010).

Hill, Stephanie, Thesis (Advisor: Paul Gares ); Frequency/magnitude analysis of wave events at Duck, North Carolina. (2010).

Mann, Jennifer M., Thesis (Advisor: Derek Alderman ); The coast as a vernacular region. (2010).

Munroe, Robert, Thesis (Advisor: Scott Curtis ); ENSO forced changes in precipitation distributions and related global circulation patterns : Gulf of Mexico region. (2010).

Watterson, Matthew Joseph, Thesis (Advisor: Derek Alderman ); Evaluating the sustainability of heritage tourism and historic preservation in New Bern, North Carolina. (2010).

Wright, Emily A., Thesis (Advisor: Rosana Nieto Ferriera ); Role of cold fronts in South American monsoon onset. (2010).


Allen, Teddy, Thesis; Jamaica’s mid-summer dry spell and vegetative response. (2009).

Baucom, Katherine, Thesis; Fostering social capital through neighborhood design. (2009).

Brass, Jesse Lyman, Thesis; Comparing developed and undeveloped barrier island systems : a descriptive historical morphology of the Wrightsville Beach-Masonboro Island sediment system, North Carolina. (2009).

Covington, Ryan C., Thesis; So, what do we do now? : a critical analysis of ENGO climate campaigns. (2009).

Messina, Jessie R., Thesis; A word frequency analysis of HIV/AIDS policies in the African countries of Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda. (2009).

PΓerez-SΓanchez, Naomy, Thesis; Influence of geographical orientation, beach shelter, and seasonality on beach behavior in the [sic] a tropical location : a case of study, Puerto Rico. (2009).

Swann, Christy, Thesis; Frequency/magnitude of aeolian events. (2009).


Campbell, Rachel M., Internship Report (Advisor: Karen Mulcahy ); Towards the Design of a Postal Code System for Trinidad and Tobago. (2008).

Cockerham, Micheal, Thesis; The anatomy of crisis : oil, politics, and Nigerian society. (2008).

Gentile, Bianca T., Thesis; Why poverty persists in North Carolina and what one state agency is doing about it : a review of the 21st Centuries Communities Program. (2008).

McArdle, Suzanne M., Thesis; Come ‘out,’ come ‘out,’ wherever you are : the Myspace lesbian and her material social worlds. (2008).

Modlin, E. Arnold, Thesis; Back of the plantation museum : an evaluation of the representation of slavery at North Carolina historic sites. (2008).

Moreau, Terri, Thesis; Can you hear the voices on the walls? : how graffiti is known in punitive and tolerant public spaces. (2008).

Renken, Katherine Anne, Thesis; Volumetric changes in morphologic zones adjacent to inlets in microtidal barrier islands, Outer Banks, North Carolina. (2008).

Shaeffer, David L., Thesis; Characterizing jurisdictional wetlands using aerial LiDAR. (2008).

Wuensch, Sol Xenos, Thesis; Heavy and extreme precipitation in the Carolinas : comparisons between TRMM and gauge data 1998-2006. (2008).


Collins, Jason, Internship Report (Advisor: Paul Gares ); From Librarian to a Versioned Geodatabase: The Challenges of Migrating a County GIS; Jason is working in the planning department of Hanover County, VA. (2007).

Eskridge, Anna E., Thesis; The politics of anti-kudzu legislation in Missouri : an analysis of discourses and material practices surrounding exotics eradication. (2007).

Parker, W. Caleb, Thesis; The politics of church space : North Carolina’s United Methodist clergy respond to homosexuality. (2007).

Wicks, Melissa L., Thesis; Estudiantes luchando por una vida nueva : academic aspirations of foreign born Latino youth in rural North Carolina. (2007).

Wolter, Lindsay, Internship Report (Advisor: Paul Gares ); Stormwater Runoff Management: A Case Study of Short Term Solutions for Pitt County Planning Department in the Area of Winterville, NC. (2007).


Aycock, William, Internship Report (Advisor: Yong Wang ); An Analysis of Flooding and Drainage Issues in the City of Wilson, NC. Will is currently working for the city of Wilson, NC. (2006).

Cain, Jessica Ann, Thesis; Social vulnerability of coastal North Carolina to storm surge flooding. (2006).

Campbell, Erin, Internship Report; Development of an Atlas of Wellhead Protection Areas Using GIS for Greenville Utilities Public Well Supplies. Erin is currently working for National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. (2006).

Gross, Justin A., Thesis (Advisor: Derek Alderman ); The festival gap: comparing organizers’ perceptions of visitors to a survey of visitors at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, 2005. (2006).

Heavner, Laura M., Thesis; The power of photography : measuring levels of gender and racial/ethnic representation in North Carolina’s travel brochures. (2006).

Kotecki, Erica S., Thesis; The flood of the century : extraordinary hydro-meteorological event or human-induced catastrophe?. (2006).

Luchette, Joseph, internship Report (Advisor: Crawford ); Application of GIS and IMS at the Pamlico-Tar River Foundation, an Environmental Non-Profit Organization. Joe will be working for the McLane Environmental LLC Co and will be living in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. (2006).

Mangum, Joseph, Internship Report (Advisor: Torres ); A Greenprint for Pitt County’s Future: A Review and Critique of the Methodology Guiding the Development of the Pitt County Greenway Plan. Joe is currently working in the Wake County Planning Department, NC. (2006).

Myrick, Shamaury C., Thesis; Legacy of distrust : the challenges of participatory planning in Greenville, North Carolina. (2006).

Suvak, William J., Thesis; Spatial analysis of broadband service : identifying the digital divide in North Carolina. (2006).

Tresohlavy, Timothy F., Thesis; Stormwater runoff in North Carolina’s Tar-Pamlico River Basin : analyzing the potential for runoff and stakeholder perceptions of urban stormwater rules. (2006).

Vafier, Kenneth Edward, Thesis; Spatial variations in barrier island response to tropical cyclones. (2006).

Vaughn, Sallie, Thesis; Using geographic information science to predict archaeological sites : an example from Northwestern Belize. (2006).


Best, Robert B., Thesis; Community of interest, demographic or geographic? : an analysis of discourse in two southern congressional districts. (2005).

Chambers, Brian L., Thesis; Coastal urbanization and tidal creek water quality. (2005).

Mitchelson, Matthew Louis, Thesis; The economic geography of MLK streets. (2005).


Ernst, Nicole L., Thesis; Sediment redistribution and volumetric changes in a barrier island environment, Hatteras Island, North Carolina. (2004).

Gentry, Glenn W., Thesis; Walking with the dead : an analysis of ghost walk tours in Savannah, Georgia. (2004).

McPhilamy, Chris, Thesis; The effect of travel patterns on geographic literacy : using the World Wide Web to survey U.S college students. (2004).

Tripp, James Allen, Internship Report (Advisor: Alderman ); Floor Insurance & Hazard Mitigation: The Role of the Community Rating System. Currently the town manager of Plymouth, North Carolina. (2004).


Grieve, Brandon S., Thesis; The influence of catchment and bathymetry characteristics on the spatial distribution of sedimentation in alpine lakes. (2003).

Nelson, Velvet, Thesis (Advisor: Torres ); Representation and images of ecotourism in Grenada. (2003).

Prince, Jeff, Internship Report (Advisor: Alderman ); Eat Mo’ Shad: An Analysis of Festival Making in Grifton, North Carolina.. (2003).

Sullivan, Philip, Internship Report (Advisor: Yong Wang & Ron Mitchelson ); Plan for Spatial Data Sharing Between City of Greenville, East Carolina University, Greenville Utilities Commission, and Pitt County. (2003).

Zheng, Tao, Thesis; Mapping flood extent using hydraulic models and JERS-1 SAR data on the Tar River floodplain. (2003).


Hanak, Derek Paul, Thesis; Vulnerability of four North Carolina coastal counties to a hurricane strike. (2002).

Jensen, Carol A., Thesis; Differential impacts by race caused by the flooding due to Hurricane Floyd. (2002).

Langholm, Elin, Thesis; Tourism development in the largest remaining Carib community : a gender perspective. (2002).

Lowenstein, Peter D., Internship Report (Advisor: Yong Wang ); NC 11 North Corridor Land Use Plan.. (2002).

McFadyen, Marvin N., Internship Report (Advisor: Karen Mulcahy ); GIS in the Sphere of Local Elections Administration.. (2002).

Wang, Jingyu, Thesis (Advisor: Scott Lecce ); Suspended sediment transport in agricultural drainage ditches on the coastal plain of North Carolina. (2002).

White, Stephen Alston, Thesis; Utilizing DEMs derived from LIDAR data to analyze topography : a case study of North Carolina barrier islands. (2002).


Bertrand, Rebecca, Internship Report (Advisor: Jeff Popke ); A Geography of Environment Impact Assessment. (2000).

Keeler, Kent, Internship Report (Advisor: Paul Gares ); (2000).

Lange, Mark D., Thesis; Beach and bar dynamics on a low-energy, micro-tidal coast, Cedar Island, North Carolina. (2000).

Padrick, Lee, Thesis; Appropriate setbacks for intensive livestock operations in eastern North Carolina. (2000).

White, Lynda G., Thesis; The environmental impacts of population change in South Africa : the use of shuttle photography to monitor land cover in Gazankulu. (2000).

Pre-2000 Theses